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Tickets to Jewish museum

Tickets to Jewish museum, find all the information you need to know

Read all the important information regarding Jewish museum in Prague: what are the tickets to Jewish museum, how much does a ticket cost, what sites to visit in the Jewish museum, where to buy tickets to Jewish museum. Sites of the Jewish town There are several buildings what you can visit with the ticket to…

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Where to buy the best ice cream in Prague

Lenka from Supreme Prague shares tips where to buy the best ice cream in Prague

Summer is not over yet – enjoy it to the last moment! Find three places where you can buy the best ice cream in Prague city center. Your local guide Lenka shares her three favorite shops. There are plenty of stands and shops that sell ice cream. But there is a difference between them –…

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Czech money

Czech money, Supreme Prague blog post

Know Czech money before you arrive, know what to expect. We use coins and banknotes. Supreme Prague brings you information that helps to ease your stay in Prague. To orient yourself in Czech money is easy when you figure out the exchange rate. Find out current exchange rate at the website of Czech national bank.…

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How to get to Prague castle

How to get to Prague castle - cover photo for youtube video Supreme Prague

Prague castle is one of the main sites in the city – you will definitely go there. How to get to Prague castle? You can walk, you can take a tram or a taxi, but you need to know where to get off. There are three gates into the complex; know how to reach them…

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Tips about Prague: transport, money, food, etc. – video

Tips to know before you come to Prague

Get some tips about Prague before you arrive – they will help you organize your travel and your experience in the capital of the Czech Republic. As a traveler myself, I always want to know a few things about the destination. My list of tips about Prague will help you clear some things: –          Can…

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