Prague souvenirs? Visit bookstore Academia

Surprisingly enough, a bookstore is a great place where you can buy local Prague souvenirs. On sale are not only books but also other nice Czech things.

By walking around the city center you realize the true local Prague souvenirs are hard to find. I came into bookstore Academia located on Narodní street to buy a book for me and I realized: a bookstore is a really nice place where you can buy great Prague souvenirs.

Definitely, a book is a great souvenir to take home. In Academia bookstore and other ones as well (Luxor, Shakespear and Sons – books in English) you find all kinds of books: books by Czech authors, books about Czech art, architecture, history, cuisine, film, etc.

There are sections of books in different languages: German, French, Spanish, Korean, etc. Mostly those are translations of Czech authors but also other topics about Czech history, cuisine, architecture, etc.

You do not find there only books but other great things too:

  • maps
  • bags
  • pencils
  • calendars
  • notebooks

Those things I buy myself too – that means those are really nice, Czech related things, mostly made in Czech Republic.

In most of the bookstores you find a section of discounted books – you find there really good deals and books on all kinds of topics. For more information about Prague tips, check out the blog page.

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