Prague sightseeing

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We offer a variety of private tours in Prague - do them on foot, on a boat, or by car.  Choose from different topics: whether you are interested in historical episodes or specific districts or locations in Prague, we offer

Prague Castle

Visit the four interiors in the complex of the Prague Castle with a local guide.

Cubism and Art Nouveau

Find the unique architectural styles in Prague city center - Cubism and Art Nouveau.

Communism tour

Visit the Museum of Communism and then walk the Prague center to see where the major events happened.

1st time visit

In Prague for the first time? This is the introductory tour for newcomers.

All inclusive tour

Discover Prague in one day: guided tour of the center, incl. lunch and boat ride.

Jewish quarter

Walk through the Jewish quarter in Prague and get the full picture of 1000 year history.