Day trips from Prague

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There is so much more to see in the Czech Republic than just Prague! Choose from a plenty of half day or full day trips (or make your own trip) and find the great treasures whether it si a medieval town, factory, or a modern city.

Communist labor camp

Visit the Museum of Communism in Prague and drive to Communist labor camp.

Český Krumlov

Spend a wonderful day in a medieval, charming town of Cesky Krumlov in South Czechia.

Škoda car factory

Visit the Skoda car museum with old cars and the modern factory.

Kutna Hora

Vist a medieval town KH for its old character, enter Bone chapel and St. Barbara Church.

Operation Anthropoid

Follow the story of the bravest moments of Czech nation during WWII.

Pilsen brewery + glass manufacture

Pilsen brewery tour with glass factory visit on the way - beer and glass production.

Karlovy Vary

The spa city of Karlovy Vary awaits you with a liquer and glass factory.

Terezín concetration camp

Honor the Jews and Czechs who died in prison Small Fortress or in the ghetto during WWII.