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Visit Museum of Communism in Prague

Visit Museum of Communism on a guided tour with Supreme Prague

Museum of Communism in Prague is definitely worth your visit. Visit it on a guided tour with Supreme Prague. Museum of Communism in Prague Museum of Communism is one of the best museums in Prague to visit. The museum is located in the city center on the Republic square facing the Municipal house and Powder…

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A tip by Lenka: What book to read about Czech history I

Cover photo for video: what book to read about Czech history

Czech Republic is a small country in Central Europe about it´s history people do not know much. Lenka, Prague guide, gives you a tip what book to read. History of Czech Republic is more than 1500 years old; the foundation of the country dates to 9th century (find the oldest ruins at Prague castle on…

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Where to buy the best ice cream in Prague

Lenka from Supreme Prague shares tips where to buy the best ice cream in Prague

Summer is not over yet – enjoy it to the last moment! Find three places where you can buy the best ice cream in Prague city center. Your local guide Lenka shares her three favorite shops. There are plenty of stands and shops that sell ice cream. But there is a difference between them…

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Czech money

Czech money, Supreme Prague blog post

Know Czech money before you arrive, know what to expect. We use coins and banknotes. Supreme Prague brings you information that helps to ease your stay in Prague. To orient yourself in Czech money is easy when you figure out the exchange rate. Find out current exchange rate at the website of Czech national bank.…

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Charles bridge in Prague

Charles Bridge sunrise

Charles bridge in Prague is number one site to visit. I bet you will walk across it every day of your stay: it is right in the center plus there is always a different atmosphere and nice sky to take pictures early in the morning, at sunset, and at night. The history of the Charles…

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What is Prague Jewish quarter

What is Prague Jewish quarter, Supreme Prague

Everybody says “let´s visit the Jewish quarter”. This area is called Josefov and stretches northward from the Old Town Square. But what is Prague Jewish quarter if there is no big Jewish population in this area? Josefov, the former Jewish ghetto Josefov, known as the Prague Jewish quarter, is an area not populated predominantly by…

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Was Prague bombed in 1945?

Was Prague bombed in 1945, Supreme Prague

Prague is known as the city that remained practically undamaged during the second world war. Nevertheless, was Prague bombed in 1945? Yes, it was. First bombs were dropped already in November 1944 but the main bombing happened in late winter and spring 1945. The tragic bombing that reshaped Prague´s center happened on the Valentine’s Day,…

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Tips about Prague: transport, money, food, etc. – video

Tips to know before you come to Prague

Get some tips about Prague before you arrive – they will help you organize your travel and your experience in the capital of the Czech Republic. As a traveler myself, I always want to know a few things about the destination. My list of tips about Prague will help you clear some things: –          Can…

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Exhibition of modern art: František Kupka

Exhibtion of Frantisek Kupka in Prague, Supreme Prague 2018, blog post

Visit the exhibition of modern art at National Gallery: the worldwide known Czech artist František Kupka. Have you ever wondered if the artists who paint abstract art can actually paint realistically? At the exhibition of the Kupka´s work you get the answer. You are nicely walked through the exhibition chronologically, you can perfectly see the…

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