Visit Museum of Communism in Prague

Museum of Communism in Prague is definitely worth your visit. Visit it on a guided tour with Supreme Prague.

Museum of Communism in Prague

Museum of Communism is one of the best museums in Prague to visit. The museum is located in the city center on the Republic square facing the Municipal house and Powder tower. You find there just the right amount of information: it is sufficient, you will understand all the political development and historical milestones.

At the beginning and end of the exhibition you find information about the important events and political changes in years 1948 (Communist coup), 1968 (Prague spring), 1969 (self-immolation of Jan Palach), 1989 (Velvet revolution).

The greater part of the exhibition focuses on the life behind the Iron Curtain – how was the normal living of a person in different aspects of life and society. You find there all kinds of interesting topics such as industrialization, school, vacation, secret police, religion, labor camps, etc.

Interesting is to find out that the Soviet Union got its uranium in Czechoslovakia for enriching its nuclear weapons. Miners were political prisoners in labor camps. Many of them died in 1950s because of horrible living and working conditions. Visit an authentic Communist labor camp near Prague on a guided tour with Supreme Prague.

Communism tour with Supreme Prague

Supreme Prague offers a 3hour guided Communism tour. Book your tour here. After meeting your guide at the Museum of Communism you walk through the museum together or alone (how you wish). In any case, your guide explains you all the important political events and developments.

When you are done at the museum, you walk through the city center for the remaining time to see the places where the important events happened. You come to Wenceslas square, National avenue, Republic square, and Old Town square. Your guide again explains what happened where – but now you have much better understanding (also you saw the various pictures at the museum).

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