Interview with Lenka, Supreme Prague

In the Interview with Lenka, the founder of Supreme Prague, we talked about different topics. Find out more in the video.

interview without subtitles
interview with subtitles

Travel situation in Prague in May 2020

In the interview we cover different topics. Find out how is the travel situation in the Czech Republic in May 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for the travel industry. Is Supreme Prague going to recover? Who is going to come to Prague in the rest of the year 2020? Lenka explains her answers.

Supreme Prague

As a second topic is covered the agency Supreme Prague. Lenka talks about her mother Eva and how was she an inspiration for Lenka. Did Lenka want to become a guide at all? Her path was not that straighforward.

Youtube videos of Supreme Prague

Briefly is touched the topic of the most famous guide in Prague – the Honest Guide. Who is not even a guide! Janek Rubeš is a journalist and a citizen of Prague. He works for a big internet TV and seach engine He started doing videos about the bad side of tourism and how to enjoy Prague in less crowded areas and sites. Janek became a member of the board at the Prague municipality in the question of tourism.

Lenka Dvořáková

The last part of the interview with Lenka is about herself. Her education, career path, and looks into the future.

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