Visit Prague Botanical Garden

Prague Botanical Garden – spend a fun and relaxing day with your family and kids. Ease your eyes and mind in the greenery, learn and see something new, taste local wine, and just relax on your holidays.

Basically until 20th century gardens and parks was a privilege only to high class. The predecessor of Prague Botanical Garden was founded in late 18th century and only in the last 30 years Prague Botanical Garden became such a wonderful place that is today. And it keeps growing in size.

The garden has three main parts: the garden/parc, vineyeard of St. Claire, and greenhouse Fata Morgana.


The garden itself is located on the left side of the Vltava river in the city part called Troja. You can reach it by public transportation, the bus stop is called Botanická zahrada Troja (Botanical garden Troja), lines 112 and 236. The garden is open daily between 9.00-19.00. Check the website for current exhibitions and events.

St. Claire vineyard

The Prague Botanical Garden is located in the hill area – perfect for wine! The garden grows own wine and taps it into bottles in the wine cellar. Enjoy a wonderful day/evening at the cute bistro with a great view over Troja garden and chateau below you and Prague castle in the distance. Don´t forget your book Prague Winter by Czech born Madelaine Albright. Watch the video here.

Greenhouse Fata Morgana

Around the corner from the garden is located a greenhouse Fata Morgana. The walk from the garden compound to the greenhouse takes 5 minutes. You can buy a separate ticket there (if you do not want to visit the garden) or you can buy a combined ticket for both places. In the greenhouse are plants from subtropical and wet areas that need special climate.

The most popular exhibition of the Prague Botanical Garden takes place in spring or summer time – exhibition of live butterflies. Around you in the greenhouse fly hundreds of colorful butterflies, you can see all the stages of life of a butterfly. Don´t miss this extraordinary exhibition!

Visit Prague Botanical Garden. Ease your eyes, mind, and enjoy a great day with your family.

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