How to avoid lines at Prague castle : where to buy tickets at Prague castle

Be smart: avoid lines at Prague castle to buy tickets because there are more places where you can buy them. You do not have to wait in the one busy line at the 2nd courtyard.


You read online everywhere there are long lines at the Prague castle. That is true. BUT already now you need to differentiate which line you mean. There are lines to the three entrances to the Prague castle for security reasons. There is no way around them, everybody has to be checked. The other type of line is the line for the tickets:

and here be smart you can avoid lines to Prague castle because if you know where to buy the tickets you do not have to wait.

There are total six places where you can buy tickets to Prague castle. Most people queue at the first cashier they come across to on the second courtyard. But there are other places around the complex.

Cashiers to buy tickets to Prague castle. Avoid lines at Prague castle

Cashiers to buy tickets to Prague castle

The best way how to see the whole complex of Prague castle is to be on a private guided tour with a local, Czech guide. Book your tour with Supreme Prague here. The tour takes three hours, we pick you up at your hotel, you see all that is important, and you avoid lines at Prague castle for tickets.

Tickets to Prague castle

There are several tickets you can buy at the caslte. Almost everybody  buys really the Circle B ticket: to see the St. Vitus cathedral, Old royal palace, St. George basilica, and Golden lane. You enter these four sites with one ticket that costs 250 CZK (aprx. 10 euro), students and seniors with ID pay ½ price. Sites are open daily 9.00-17.00 (last person to enter the cathedral is at 16.40, cathedral is closed on Sundays 9.00-12.00).

Remember that front part of cathedral is free of charge, Golden lane is free of charge after 17.00 when most of the shops close.

Find more information about Prague castle at the official site here.


Complex of Prague castle is open daily 6.00-22.00. Come later in the evening when the groups are gone, Prague castle is illuminated in orange light, it has a completely different atmosphere.

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Prague castle tickets

Prague castle tickets


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