Visit Valdštejn castle in Bohemian Paradise

Reserve 2, max 3 days for Prague visit. What after that? Visit the Valdštejn castle in the Bohemian Paradise in the north of Czech Republic. There is a lovely Valdštejn garden in Prague city center, you will enjoy the trip to Vajdštejn castle as well.

Valdštejn castle, located in the beautiful nature and deep forests of Bohemian Paradise, was founded already in 1260. Even though the castle was rebuilt many times until 19th century, you can still see some of the oldest parts. The castle is named after very famous man Albrecht von Wallenstein (in Czech Valdštejn) who bought a ruin of the medieval castle in 1623 and the family owned the castle till 19th century.

Albrecht Wallenstein (1583-1634)

Albrecht von Valdštejn became a very powerful man after 1618 when he stands on the Catholic side of Thirty years war (1618-1648). In early 1620s Valdštejn is buying a lot of property which had been confiscated from the protestant Czech nobility. In his possession, the whole region is becoming very prosperous.

Tour to Valdštejn castle

Firstly, you need to contact Supreme Prague for more details about this tour to as it would be custom made. Remember that Valdštejn castle is located in Bohemian Paradise, a nature park protected by the state for its rock formations so you can nicely do a hike in the area.

Your drive and guide pick you up at your hotel and after about 1 hour and 20 mins you reach the Valdštejn castle in the Bohemian Paradise. The castle is located on the hill, you need to walk for about 15 mins to a steep hill (so please, consider your health condition). There you can decide if you want to have a guided tour with a local guide from a castle or you just want to walk around the grounds. Right next to the castle is a small bistro where you can buy refreshments.

You can do other activities on this trip to Bohemian Paradise from Prague. The Valdštejn castle is located on the “Golden route” of the nature park where you have nice viewpoints into the country. Other options and sites to visit in the North:

  • Škoda car factory in Mladá Boleslav – see where the famous Škoda car are produced: visit the factory as well as the museum where you learn about the history of the famous Czech car producer and you see some of the old cars
Private tour to Car factory near Prague

Museum at Skoda car factory

  • Visit Sychrov castle – castle rebuilt in 19th century in English Victorian style
  • Visit Turnov city and its Jewish sites
  • Visit the glass and jewelry museum in Jablonec nad Nisou
  • Find the birth house of Ferdinand Porsche, the known car designer

The tour ends back in your hotel or in Prague city center.

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