How to get to Prague castle

Prague castle is one of the main sites in the city – you will definitely go there. How to get to Prague castle? You can walk, you can take a tram or a taxi, but you need to know where to get off. There are three gates into the complex; know how to reach them before planning your trip.

Walk to Prague castle

Prague castle is on the top of a hill, you cannot miss it. The easiest way is to go from Old Town square over the Charles Bridge. On the side of Lesser Town you need to know which direction to go. The simplest and clever way is pass the St. Nicholas church up the Nerudova street to come to the main gate of Prague castle on the first courtyard. The second route takes you from the Charles Bridge to Malostranská tram stop to the Old castle steps.

Three gates to Prague castle

Three gates to Prague castle

The bad idea about this is that you have to go uphill…and there is a lot of steps. Especially in the summer this is not pleasant. However, more important to know is that there is the smallest gate into the complex of Prague castle and there are usually two police officers for security check. So the check takes a long time. Therefore, I suggest and prefer to go from the other side, from the Hradčanské square. Plus you pass the ticket office for the Prague castle and there you can go immediately into the four interiors.

You do not have to worry about getting to the Prague castle, your local guide from Supreme Prague takes you there on several tours: Prague castle tour, All inclusive day, or Grand city tour by car.

Take a taxi to Prague castle

Second option of how to get to Prague castle is to take a taxi. Good is that you do not walk up, you gradually move downhill to the river. More sense makes to get off at the tram stop Prague castle – Pražský hrad (50° 5’35.84″S, 14°23’55.75″V) where is the security check right around the corner. When you enter the complex of Prague castle, you come to the second courtyard. If you get off at Hradčanské square (50° 5’20.78″S, 14°23’44.51″V), you need to walk across the square to the busy security check point. Especially in summer in the afternoon this place is really crowded.

How to get to Prague castle, taxi stop at tram stop Prague castle, Supreme Prague

Taxi stop at tram stop Prague castle 

How to get to Prague castle, taxi stop at Hradčanské square, Supreme Prague

Taxi stop at Hradčanské square

Take a tram to Prague castle

The last option of how to get to Prague castle is by tram 22 or 23. Don´t forget to buy the ticket and stamp it, read about how to use public transportation. You get on at Malostranská stop and ride one, two, or three stops depending on where you want to get off. The first stop is Královský letohrádek by entrance to the gardens. When you exit the tram you see a large Renaissance style building, the Belveder of Queen Anna. This entrance to the castle complex is great to use, there are not usually many people. However, the gardens are open only in April to October, 10.00-18.00.

The main tram stop for the castle is called Pražský hrad, Prague castle. The entrance is just across the street, very busy every day till about 11.00. There is also the bus stop for the groups to get off so in the morning is better to get off on the next tram stop, Brusnice, and walk across the Hradčanské square to the main entrance.

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