Tour to Bohemian Paradise? An escape to beautiful nature reserve.

Jason was accompanying his wife to a conference in Prague. He and his friends decided to explore more of Czechia than just Prague and they came across area called Bohemian Paradise. They wanted to visit the well known nature reserve with a local guide providing also the transportation. Supreme Prague was the right pick: we organized the tour to Bohemian Paradise to everybody´s satisfaction.

Guided tour to Bohemian Paradise from Prague with Supreme Prague

Jason with friends at the Castle Kost

Tour to Bohemian Paradise from Prague started off in the morning by picking up Jason and his friends at their hotel. It was seven of us in total (5 + me the guide + driver), so we went by a minivan. It was a perfect spring weather: sunny and warm.

Guided tour with English speaking guide at Castle Kost

Lifting up the chest at the hall inside the Castle Kost

The first stop was the visit of Castle Kost (translates as “Bone”). It is a medieval castle where you can join a guided tour. The castle is not so much visited by foreign travelers which is a good thing because the castle is not overcrowded and you feel like a local. On the other hand, there are no tours offered in other languages but in Czech.

Well, we did not want to read the explanations from a paper so I, the private guide from Prague and the leader of our trip, rented in Prague a microphone and headsets for our group (with no extra charge). I was translating simultaneously when the castle guide was explaining. I believe Jason and his friends enjoyed the visit of the castle.

Further we continued with our tour to Bohemian Paradise. The Bohemian Paradise or Czech Paradise is the actual name of the nature reserve. When you explore a bit of the typical scenery with grand rocks you understand that the name for the reserve is just. In the whole region you find majestic rocks with beautiful viewpoints on the top. You can keep coming to the area for years and you always discover something new.

Rock formations in the Czech Paradise

Rock formations in the Czech Paradise

After an hour of easy walking on an even surface we settled for a journey back to Prague. The tour to Bohemian Paradise is recommended for anybody – book your tour today! There are many trails to follow in the whole region. All what you need to do is to contact Supreme Prague and write how good of a walker you are. Are steps to get to the top of rocks ok for you? Or do you prefer an easy walk? Would you like to visit a castle Kost or any other one? All this information helps Supreme Prague organize a wonderful experience in Czechia with a tour to Bohemian Paradise for you.

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