Trip to Petrof factory from Prague with a stop in Kutna Hora

Beth and Ron Green wanted to do a trip to Petrof factory from Prague with a guide and private driver. Beth is a piano teacher and she has been playing the Petrof piano for more than 20 years. As Beth and Ron were joining a river cruise in the Central Europe, to do a day trip to Petrof factory from Prague seemed like an opportunity that could not be missed.

On the way to Prague the couple stopped in Kutna Hora, a town listed as a heritage site by UNESCO, where they entered the famous Bone Chapel.

Pianist at the grand piano at Petrof showroom, trip to Petrof factory from Prague on a guided tour

Beth playing grand piano Ant. Petrof

Lenka picked Beth and Ron at 7.00 at the Hilton hotel so the trip to Petrof factory from Prague could begin. In a bit over 1 hour we got to Hradec Kralove and had some time to do a sightseeing tour through the city center. Hradec Kralove is famous for its architecture from the beginning of 20th century, for the big main square with a Gothic church, and a nice town hall.

At 9.00 the guided tour started. Jan was a great guide who knew a lot about the 150 years of factory´s history lead by 5 generations of the members of Petrof family as well as about the process of creating the pianos.

Guide Jan in the Petrof factory and museum, trip to Petrof factory from Prague on a guided tour

Guide Jan in the Petrof factory and museum

Antonín Petrof grew up in a carpenter´s house and for studies his father sent Antonín to Vienna where his uncle worked in a piano factory. Antonín constructed his first piano in 1864 which is the foundation year of the Petrof factory.

The first part of the guided tour is in the factory itself where you see the whole process of individual parts becoming a wonderful piece of art. Each piano is unique made of more than 3000 pieces. It all begins with a tree: it has to be at least 80 years old spruce, beech, or maple now originating from Czech Republic, Ukraine, or Italy. When the wood is dried and ready to be used, the process takes up to one year till you can play the instrument. Petrof pays a great attention to choosing only the best raw materials which make the best sound of music. That is actually the secret for being the Europe´s biggest piano supplier (2000 pianos sold each year) and for receiving product, company, and music awards.

Inner parts of Petrof piano

Detail of Petrof piano

The second part of the guided tour is in the museum where are you see pianos from different time eras and you also learn about the factory´s history. After the two hour tour we went to the showroom to see all the grand and upright pianos which you can buy. Beth played the newest, most exclusive grand piano Ant. Petrof which is sold for nearly 120 000 USD.

On the way back from Hradec Kralove to Prague we stopped in Kutna Hora. Firstly, we had lunch in the popular restaurant Dačický where we tried typical Czech dishes including the house specialty, boar goulash with gingerbread dumplings. Then we walked trough the city center and entered the Bone Chapel.


Coat of arms made of bones, guided tour from Prague,

Bone Chapel in Kutna Hora


This trip to Petrof factory from Prague was worth it. Not only that you see the Czech countryside and visit two towns in Czechia but you also visit one of the great Czech factories which are in the business for generations and make the best products in their category in the world. The whole trip took 7 hours and it cost 350 euro.



Visitors at the Petrof factory, Guide4advanced trip to Petrof factory from Prague

Lenka, Beth, and Ron at the Petrof piano factory


  1. Beth greene on 24.4.2018 at 0:25

    We thoroughly enjoyed our day with Lenka visiting the Petrof piano factory. Not only is Lenka very knowledgeable on many subjects, and a great driver, speaks fluent English, she is also a very sweet person! A pleasure to be with all day. Although the Petrof piano factory isn’t one of Lenka’s ordinary tours, she made it happen for us while seeing other sights along the way. Thanks Lenka for a job well done! And by the way… the Petrof piano factory tour is well worth the visit!

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