trips from Prague

Are you spending more than two days in Prague? Then trips from Prague is a great solution for you to see more of Czechia after you have already seen everything in Prague. Supreme Prague offers plenty of choices, everybody finds something interesting to do. First option is to visit other popular towns with interesting history and charming town center (for ex. Karlovy Vary, Cesky Krumlov, Kutna Hora). Second option for trips from Prague is to visit historically significant places, concentration camps. One for Communist opponents of 1950s and one is from WWII. Also you can switch off completely and go for a medieval castle visit and hike in the nature. Lastly, you can enter a factory or manufacture where you see the whole process of making the particular object, whether it is a car, glass products, or beer. Last but not least of trips from Prague offered by Supreme Prague is a trip to open air museum where you find authentic buildings from villages, tools, furnished and decorated rooms, and other interesting things. You find out how was the life in 19th century and earlier.

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