prague rides

Choose from a variety of Prague rides to see the city from a different persective. Use a car or minivan to stay together as a family, to drive to many places which would be difficult to get to otherwise in the limited time. Very popular is to drive for one hour around the city center by the vintage car. From the motor vehicles on wheels you can switsch to boats. There is plenty of boat you can take. Firstly, think how long you want to spend on the boat and what is the main goal – to eat while sailing or to get to hear about the history of Prague and the landmarks along the river? Basically, you can have a 45-minute ride, 1-hour or 2-hour ride, with snack, with open buffet, with coffee and cake, and with audio guide or no one. Simply ask Guide4advanced what is the best option from Prague rides for you and we find the best solution for you.

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